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Build Your Own Business

Do you want:

  • Cost-saving, wholesale prices each time you order high-quality AIM nutritional products
  • An opportunity to build your own business

Build Your Own Business

When you place an order for two or more items you become an AIM member at no cost. This entitles you to:

  • Wholesale purchase privileges
  • Use the items for your own personal use
  • Resell the items at the retail price thereby earning a profit
  • Build an income-earning business

These benefits are entirely free and you are under no obligation to make use of them. Some people become AIM members simply because they love the AIM products and want to purchase them at wholesale prices for their personal use. Others do so because they want to supplement their regular income or develop a full-time AIM business. The choice is entirely yours.

Upon your purchase of two or more items you will receive a free welcome pack welcoming you to the AIM family, introducing you to the company, and describing its products that may be of interest to you later to improve your health even further. In addition, it provides details of how you can take advantage of the above benefits and build your own successful business.

Whatever you choose to do, you win. AIM is all about improving the quality your life and the lives of others.

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